WSP Policy Experts

Policy Experts

Jack Basso

Washington, DC
Phone: 202.783.0241
Email: jack.basso@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Transportation Policy, Funding and Financing

Eric Beightel

Washington, DC
Phone: 202-783-0241
Email: eric.beightel@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Environmental Policy, Streamlining and Regulations

Deborah E. Brown

Baltimore, MD
Phone: (410) 727-5050
Email: deborah.brown@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Innovative Financing, TIFIA, P3s

Cathy Connor

Washington, DC
Phone: 202.783.0241
Email: cathy.connor@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Federal Legislation

Dave Earley

Washington, DC
Phone: 202.661.5310
Email: david.earley@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Innovative Finance and Economic Impacts

Don Emerson

San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415.243.4611
Email: donald.emerson@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Transit Programming and Procedures

Mike Flood

Baltimore, MD
Phone: 202-748-6131
Email: michael.flood@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Resiliency, Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events

Paula Hammond

Seattle, WA
Phone: 206.382.5267
Email: paula.hammond@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Transportation Policy and State DOT Management

Karen Hedlund

New York City
Email: karen.hedlund@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: P3s, Innovative Financing, High Speed Rail

Cliff Henke

Arcadia, CA
Phone: 626.446.1951; Mobile: 626.622.6254
Email: cliff.henke@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Streetcars, BRT, Transit

Roy Kienitz

Washington, DC
Email: roy.kienitz@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Transportation Policy, Legislation and Financing

Sallye Perrin

Baltimore, MD
Phone: 410.246.0523
Email: sallye.perrin@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Public Private Partnerships

Len Rattigan

Herndon, VA
Phone: 703.742.5700
Email: leonard.rattigan@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Design Build

Joyce Rose

Baltimore, MD
Phone: 410-622-3612
Email: joyce.rose@wsp.com

Area of Expertise: Transit and Rail Safety; Surface Transportation Policy and Legislation