June 22, 2020 Update

Washington Update


This morning, the House Democratic leadership introduced the text of a broad infrastructure bill, the Moving Forward Act (HR 2), which the House plans to take to the floor next week before the July 4 recess. The bill provides over $1.5 trillion for a wide variety of infrastructure-related programs, including the House INVEST Act, a five-year surface transportation reauthorization of the FAST Act which the House T&I Committee approved last week on a party-line vote. The new, broader bill also includes sections on aviation, broadband, drinking and waste water, clean energy, housing, postal service, and schools.


The bill does not include any new user fees or other new revenue sources, but rather includes a transfer of $145.3 billion from the general fund to the Highway Trust Fund - a total of $106.7 billion would be sent to the Highway Account and $38.6 billion to the Mass Transit Account to pay for the surface transportation portion of the bill. The total $1.5 trillion in new federal funding would come on top of the $3 trillion in HEROES Act funding which the House passed last month for COVID-19 relief efforts. 


While HR 2 may have enough Democratic votes to pass the House, the Senate has not indicated it plans to move similar legislation and its Republican leadership has expressed serious concerns about continued deficit funding, so the final outcome of this ambitious bill and the pending COVID-19 HEROES Act are unclear at this time.  

 Bill Text | Section-by-Section | Fact Sheet




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